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Lee Kim Soon
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E : kimsoon.lee@eidyia.com.sg

Aaron Kok
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Eidyia Technologies

Eidyia Technologies is founded in 2009 and based in Singapore. We have 2 other representative offices in Changzhou, Jiangsu China and Shenzhen, Guangdong China. Before her founding years, all her key appointment holders had serviced and worked in the EMC and RF Wireless fields for some years, with the most experienced serving more than 2 decades. Despite being relatively new as an enterprising engineering company, we are rich in experience and knowledge in EMC and RF Wireless fields for both chambers and systems solutions.
  As a high quality chamber solutions and system integration company in our areas of territorial influences, besides being reseller to many known brands in the EMC & RF Wireless industry, we are able to offer full turnkey solutions with some engineering works and on-site trainings in EMC and RF solutions for regional markets. Notably, we are delighted to be awarded with the distributorship for many good brands in these niche fields, covering Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.  
  Throughout and within the company, we ceaselessly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in customer service, performance quality and technology, with developing networks for after sales services. We achieve the various performance objectives with our customer-oriented and market-centric approaches, through careful implementation of various corporate strategies, in order to provide cost-effective yet good quality solutions. Detailed engineering and close co-operation with our customers is often entailed in all our solution proposals and has been our long term commitment to our markets. It is in our corporate beliefs to safeguard our continued customer quality and success with horizontal growths for all our stakeholders, i.e. the customers, partners and self.