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Eidyia Technologies is a Singapore registered company, with vision to become a responsible and reliable EMC system solution provider, strategically connect and reach out to global markets, particularly the Asia Pacific regions. Beside system solutions in EMC, we offer packaged consultancy services on EMC control planning, recommendation and compliance reporting to local customers. The corporate objective is to stay engaged with the markets and create innovations through market-centric activities. Know-how expertise includes product demonstrations, EMC/RF chamber and system designs and technical consultancy services in many tender biddings & contract negotiations.

Mr Lee Kim Soon , EMC consultant from Eidyia Technologies, has been actively involved in the EMC industry since 1996, with experiences from application designing to resident researching, from small and large scale project management to professional product management of EMC instruments and system solutions. In technical competency, he is familiar with major Wireless RF & EMC Standards for type-approval certifications (EN, CE, ETSI, CTIA, FCC, CISPR, ISO, MIL-STD, SAE & GB) and was formerly a corporate member (Rohde & Schwarz) to the Sub-Committee to CISPR-I. Previously, he had been an invited speaker for EMC Symposium & Exhibition, held in Shanghai, Singapore and Beijing.

We offer detailed EMC report on electrical and electronic equipment, which includes pre/post/final EMC control plan, site surveys, interference calculations, wire separation and final system inspections. All the design and control procedures shall be in accordance to international EMC standards and users’ listed requirements. As EMC control in any local system projects, such as the railway or communications or research programs, we shall remain impartial and compliant to the EMC requirements. While safety is always first, EMC is a benchmark for continued safety in any Electrical/Electronic systems. The fundamentals of EMC shall ensure successful control of the related products in its operational environment.

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